Skull & Shackles

Bonewrack Isle...a.k.a. Isle of Misery...a.k.a. Isle of Maiming...a.k.a. Isle of Death...

Whore’s Boudoir: This tent as filled with clothes, pillows and three female ghouls. The party handily met the challenge and took them down with little problem or harm to themselves.

Crab Palm Beach: Maarin learned that picking using the survival skill and picking coconuts can be very dangerous. Barely surviving the ordeal, she has lost her right hand.

The Fields: Head’s were posted in the overgrown cornfield and some remains and wealth were located by the party just off the overgrown path. Maarin’s worst fears were found to be true and an Ankheg attacked the party. Tiamara nearly met her death, but feels lucky to have survived with the loss of part of her leg. Just below her right knee the Ankheg had made mincemeat and a meal of her leg, so she now hobbles along with a temporary crutch until something else can be done.

The 500 foot climb was managed and the party came across a makeshift stockade. A near deadly encounters ensued with two Vine Chokers. Grumdar and Gorloff came close to following Maarin and Tiamara’s earlier paths, but the party managed to survive with no further casualties.

A spyglass was noticed posted tot he stockade and a view within indicates an area to the south-south west which might hold a clue to the disappearance of Samaritha and “Barefoot.”

There appears to be another smaller stockade or some lodging just beyond in the stockade.

The Man's Promise

Day 1: New Ship, Old Rules.

Day 2: Whispers of Mutiny.

Day 4: Storm and a Slithering Visit by Night.

Day 5 Shipwrecked.

The Swamp

The Mire Crossing

Giant Frogs

A tent ahead…

Boarding Action ( last!)

Day 17: Unpleasant Duties
The ship’s crew seems to have polarized into two factions.

Day 19: Risky Games in the Bilges:
Grumdar proves himself a survivor, albeit at the cost of the life of “Owlbear.”
While thrown in the sweatbox, his sentence was postponed when sails were sighted late that afternoon.

Day 20: Chasing Sails

Day 21: Piracy! Boarding the Man’s Promise, a Rahadoumi merchant vessel.

Boarding School

Day 8: The Storm
Survived a storm at sea and rescued “Barefoot” Samms Toppin when she went overboard.

Day 11: Trouble in the Sun
Attacked by Reefclaws. Captain Harrigan awards Gorloff his gear for the reefclaw dinner he provided.

Day 14: Boarding School
The party learns to fear shimmying along a rope more than the peg-leg of Riaris Krine.

The party manages to perform enough ship actions to sway a good number of the crew into their camp.

Learning the ropes

Rigging, cooking, sailing and how to get along with cut-throats and thieves.


The players awake after visiting the Formidably Maid for one reason or another, to find themselves conscripted as crew on the Wormwood, a ship captained by Baranabas Harrigan. Finding themselves without weapons, armor, wealth and most of their other items have left the PCs feeling a bit lost and helpless, as they get used to finding their sea legs and learning life aboard the Wormwood.


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